General Features

Display Family Tree

Genealogical Tree is a WordPress plugin which help user to display family tree on WordPress site / blog. You will able to create multiple family tree.

Family Members Page

You can see all family members into archive page according genealogical tree design, Also you can display members on custom page through short code.

Tree Management

Tree management page will help user to manage all tree into the site. you will find short code there. and can customize tree into tree edit page.

Member Life Events

You will able to add life event of each member in member edit page. You will able to add multiple life event

Multiple Spouse

You can add multiple spouse for any member. Also you can display children separately for each spouse.

Birth / Death Record

Genealogical Tree allow user to record multiple birth and death record according multiple reference.

Custom Role

In this plugin have a custom user role to manage, which role allow user to manage this plugin on author level.

Custom Root

You can set custom root in a family group, where that you may have different actual root of that family group.

Multiple Tree Style

We have 4 tree style, which is fully customizable in different way.

Multiple Tree Layout

On each tree tree style we have 2 layout, vertical and horizontal

Enable Ajax

In this plugin we have ajax support. were tree build on ajax, Its handy for big tree.

Show Ancestor

You can show ancestor for root in family tree, its up to one level.

Popup Member Profile

We have support popup member profile support, If it enable, popup member profile will be appear on click member link,

Hide Female Tree

You can hide part of a tree which build from a female member, Its useful when you do not want to show others family on your groups.

Hide Unknown Spouse

Some member may have children’s with unknown spouse, There is way to hide that unknown spouse,

Collapsible Family

Here is a facilities of collapsible family.

Sibling Order

You can control sibling order as youngest or as oldest.

Show Generation

You can display generation on tree for each member generation.

Show Tree Link

You can show or hide tree link of each member specific on tree.

Container Setting

This plugin will allow you to control style settings of container,

Box Setting

This plugin will allow you to control style settings of box,

Box Layout

We have two type o box layout, vertical and horizontal view of image and info.

Image Setting

This plugin allow you to control image on tree, like show/hide and others style.

Google Font

You can use any google fonts for tree styling.